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14.25" Professor Filius Flitwick Replica Wizard Wand - Black


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Product Summary

Embrace the magic of a beloved wizarding world with this enchanting 14.25" Professor Filius Flitwick Wizard Wand Replica! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this replica captures the essence of the esteemed Charms Master's wand, making it a must-have for any fantasy enthusiast or collector.

Signature Wand of the Esteemed Professor
This replica wand is modeled after the one wielded by Professor Filius Flitwick, a revered instructor known for his expertise in charmwork. Imagine yourself mastering spells like 'Wingardium Leviosa' or 'Alohomora' just like the diminutive professor, this replica placing the power of enchantment in your grasp.

Intricate Details for an Authentic Look
Crafted from high-quality materials, this wand boasts intricate details that bring it to life. The accurate design and coloring will transport you to a world of wonder, allowing you to feel like a true student of magic. From the handle design to the tip, this replica offers a realistic appearance that will impress any fantasy fan.

Ideal for Cosplay and Costume Play
Whether you're dressing up for a costume event or unleashing your inner spellcaster, this Professor Filius Flitwick Wand Replica is the perfect finishing touch. The 14.25-inch size is ideal for most adults and teens, and the realistic design will add an extra touch of magic to your costume. Imagine yourself attending a grand ball or facing off against mythical creatures, all while wielding this authentic-looking replica wand.

Ideal Gift
Surprise the fantasy fan in your life with this enchanting Professor Filius Flitwick Wand Replica! It's a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion for those who love the world of magic. This replica wand is sure to spark joy and ignite their imagination, allowing them to relive their favorite moments from the enchanting realm.

Ignite Your Imagination
This Professor Filius Flitwick Wand Replica is more than just a collectible; it's a key to unlocking your imagination. With this wand in hand, you can practice your favorite spells, recreate scenes from the fantastical world, and let your inner spellcaster soar. The wand becomes a portal to a world of wonder, allowing you to pretend to cast spells and embark on your own magical adventures.

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  • Length: 14.25"
  • Construction: Poly Resin
  • Packaging type: Display Box
  • Designed to the specifications of character wands used in movies and books
  • Great for the little wizards in your life
  • Heavy duty construction is built to last
  • Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, and just plain fun
  • Does Not Actually Cast Any Spells
    Cosplay Supply USA Wholesale Company
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