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1-3/8" Low Peak 4-Way Canopy Fitting - Eave - Galvanized


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Product Summary

The Classic, The Original, Back in it's Galvanized Finish! Create Sturdy and Versatile Canopy Structures with the Galvanized 1-3/8" Low Peak 4-Way Canopy Fitting - Eave. Looking for a reliable way to build a sturdy canopy frame? Our canopy fittings are crafted from high-quality galvanized steel for superior strength and weather resistance. Galvanized steel provides exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, making these fittings ideal for long-lasting outdoor use. These versatile fittings allow for easy assembly of canopies, tents, shelters, and other outdoor structures, ensuring your temporary space stays secure no matter the weather.

Seamless Pole Connection
This 4-way fitting allows you to effortlessly build canopies for expansive covered areas, ideal for parties, events, or market stalls. Whether you need to shelter guests at a backyard barbecue or create a shaded space for your market booth, this fitting provides the flexibility to create a large covered area to suit your needs.

Low Peak Design
This 4-way fitting allows you to create canopies for focused shade or shelter in designated areas. Unlike a high peak design, the low peak creates a more defined covered space, ideal for concession stands, product displays, or specific seating areas at your outdoor event.

Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel
Built to withstand the elements, this fitting is manufactured from high-quality, heavy-duty galvanized steel. The galvanized steel construction ensures exceptional strength and durability, capable of supporting the weight of your canopy and withstanding various weather conditions.

Superior Rust and Corrosion Resistance
The galvanized finish on this fitting provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion. This protective layer safeguards the fitting from the damaging effects of rain, snow, and other outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and a reliable connection for your canopy structure.

Secure and Stable
Designed to provide a secure and stable connection between canopy poles, this fitting ensures that your canopy structure remains sturdy and upright, even in windy conditions or when subjected to heavy loads.

Universal Compatibility
Compatible with 1-3/8" diameter canopy poles, this fitting is versatile and can be used with a wide range of canopy materials, including steel, aluminum, and PVC, giving you flexibility in designing your canopy structure to suit your specific needs.

Multipurpose Use
Whether for outdoor parties, weddings, farmers' markets, trade shows, or backyard gatherings, the Galvanized 1-3/8" Low Peak 4-Way Canopy Fitting - Eave is the perfect choice for creating durable and functional canopy structures that provide shade, shelter, and protection for any occasion.


  • Extremely durable gray galvanized to resist rust and corrosion
  • Forms the middle sections of the eave of a low gable peak canopy frame or sloped roof (lean-to) canopy frame
  • Designed for use with 1-5/16" outer diameter pipe
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 1-1/2"
  • Inner Diameter (ID): 1-3/8"
  • Leg Length: 4-1/4"
  • Peak Angle: 156º
  • Eave Angle: 102º
  • Thickness: 16 gauge

    3Way Canopy Pipe Fittings
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